Get involved in current or upcoming projects at the WRWP

WRWP 10 Year Photo Gallery

assist with the management of our photo gallery by taking and submitting photos as you attend WRWP programs and activities

Ball State Student Project: Delaware County Waterway Photo Inventory Map Application

work with the Delaware county gis department using gps enabled cameras to document stream and stream bank conditions in delaware county watersheds.

WRWP Delaware County Google Earth Resources

develop our google earth database or use the data to create info graphics about land use and water quality in WRWP management areas.

East Central Indiana Planning Wiki
aid in the development of an east central indiana planning resource

WRWP Facebook Fanpage

join the WRWP fanpage and share information with other members of our WRWP community

WRWP: Mailchimp Email Server

sign up to receive information about upcoming events and happening with the WRWP

WRWP Critical Area Cost-share Documentation Map

aid in the documentation of previous bmps in the county and embed information about these projects

Buck Creek Sediment Study
aid in the ongoing monitoring on buck creek "bank pins" to test projected models of sediment loss in the creek

WRWP Virtual Press
submit articles or projects related to land use or water quality that you write for school or for fun to be displayed in our database

WRWP Earth Team Educational

enroll in the yearlong, monthly educational program

WRWP YouTube Channel
develop videos for the WRWP or share footage taken at WRWP events and activities. also find and share videos on-line related to water quality and add to our inventory

Ball State Student Project:
Buck Creek Historical Land use Study

expand the historical land use study into other areas of the wrwp management areas by documenting and analyzing the historical land use developments in our county.

WRWP Minnetrista Green Roof Report

review and add information to the ongoing report of data being generated at the minnetrista cultural center
Phase III – Chemical Monitoring Report

review and analysis chemical data being generated for the WRWP by the bureau of water quality
Prairie Creek Reservoir BMP 3D sketchup Model and On-line 3D Minnetrista Nature Area Model

create 3d online models of key bmps and educational tools for the wrwp
Wetlands Wildlife Cam

view the wildlife cam as it take pictures of wildlife at the wetlands
WRWP Atrazine Updates

view updates from the BSU biology lab as it tests atrazine in wrwp management areas

WRWP 10 Year Leveraging Report

see how community partners have contributed to the project over its 10 year history

WRWP: News and Newsletters

Volume I, II, III

see past newspaper articles and newsletters featuring the WRWP

WRWP: Friends of Prairie Creek
help facilitate the creation of the friends of prairie creek citizen group and participate in the preservation of the reservoir