Future of the WRWP

The WRWP wants to continue to partner with neighboring counties and assist those counties in the process of developing Watershed Management Plans.

The WRWP is also interested in discovering how it can be self-sustaining beyond EPA funding phases. The WRWP’s long term goal is to serve as a continuing education fellowship for environmental scientists, natural resource professionals, and site designers (engineers, landscape architects, architects etc.) The EPA 319 funding has enabled the project to implement a number of BMPs in East Central Indiana that could be used as a learning laboratory in conjunction with traditional learning curriculums. This would formalize our education and outreach program by serving as an education and outreach hub for Central Indiana and other communities in biospheres that share similar characteristics of the Tipton till Plane.

This on going educational programming would also be of service to the rest of the Upper White River Watershed entities and environmental groups. Often times – those who have the greatest interest in water quality BMPs do not exist in our immediate target areas (Delaware County).  Membership fees/tuition would be directed to a WRWP foundation which would enable  WMP goal implementation to continue beyond 319 Funding cycles.

We have been able to develop broad based partnering and capacity building and the hope that the WRWP could be financially supported beyond the EPA funding phases by these partners. We have been working to develop community interest for this concept and have received strong positive feedback from local private funders.

Furthermore, this curriculum could be developed in conjunction with a learning facility that would feature the White River and the native species that work to create river ecosystems.