The Outreach committee will be charged with increasing awareness of the White River Watershed Project and structural and non-structural best management practices in our local community. This will be predominantly achieved through the following methods:

Presentations on the Context and History of the WRWP
Committee Members will work to develop a speaking engagement schedule for the 2011 calendar year. Engagements should involve regional organizations and groups that have an interest in public service – especially those related to soil and water conservation. It should be emphasized that we are not limited our presentation to conversation groups. We should speak to any community organization that is willing (within reason). The committee should develop a list of WRWP steering committee members that are willing to speak at these events and provide them with materials and training to execute them. The committee will make all arrangements on behalf of the speakers.

Presence at Local “Tradeshow” Events
Committee Members will work to develop a tradeshow event schedule for the 2001 calendar year. These events should be in Delaware and Randolph counties – and other opportunities should be considered when they arise. The committee will develop a “traveling display booth” that can easily be setup and broken down with minimal physical demands. The committee will make arrangements for the WRWP to be present at these events and arrange for these events to be staffed by WRWP steering committee members.

Public Input Meetings
Public input meetings are important part of the Watershed Planning Process. Gettign the concerns of the community give us leads for pursuing formal scientific studies of these issues and help broaden our understanding of larger watershed dynamics.

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Cost Share Promotion
We will meet with small groups of people interested in how our cost-share program can aid in the implementation of best management practices.