Student Projects


Documentary Films of Watershed Outreach Projects

"Driving Force"

"Monitoring Data"

"Storer Elementary"

"Water Monitoring"


Watershed Education Initiative

Summary of Lesson

Lesson Plan

Pictures: Class, Watershed Model

Water Monitoring Project

Monitoring Plan and Schedule

Pictures: Close-ups, Nets, Crawdads!, Observation

Star Press Article

Watershed Project Picnic


Results Summary

Newsletter Article

Youth Environmental Council

YEC of Delaware County Website

Youth Academy for Community Leadership Newsletter

Scouting Badge Project

Soil and Water Conservation Lesson

Muncie Children's Museum Display

Promotional Materials

T-shirt Graphics: "Shelly", "Raindrop", "Top 10"

Stickers: "Shelly", "Raindrop"

Watershed Management for Local Farmers
Research for Farm Management and Watersheds

Presentation Display

Non-Point Source Pollution Brochure

Groundwater Brochure

Watershed Management Brochure for Local Farmers

Survey of Student Knowledge and Participation in WRWP

Newsletter Article

Presentation Display

Faith-Based Communities Initiative

Meeting Agenda

ACTS Ministry Handout

General Audience Brochure

Brochure: Front, Back

Shelly the Turtle Educational Materials

Shelly the Turtle

Shelly the Turtle Display

White River Watershed Calendar

Calendar Images

Calendar Front Cover

Shelly the Turtle Facts

Information Map of White River Watershed

Mapping Display: Prairie Creek, Community Landmarks


Project Background:

Location of the White River Watershed Project

Map of WRWP Selected Subwatersheds

Muncie Star Press Articles:

Why the White River is Sacred

Wildlife Habitat Conservation in IN

EPA: Delineating Watersheds

Links to Related Websites

WRWP July 2002 Newsletter

WRWP October 2002 Newsletter

Comments from WRWP Outreach and Education Committee Chair

Comments from NREM 405/505 Professor and Project Advisor

Previous work by BSU students for WRWP:

BSU Promotions Class Project for WRWP

BSU Promotions Class Presentation



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